5 Things Your Website Needs Today

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As the company website becomes more and more important to your business, it’s important that your firm’s site is up to date and properly optimized. A quality website for your firm builds credibility, better explains your services, and should help you bring in new business.

Unfortunately, too many sites are overly cluttered, confusing and lacking key elements. There are five things your website should have right now:

  1. Clarity on the homepage: The first page your visitor sees should be clear, concise and contain enough information to let them know if they’ve come to the right place. Don’t try to cram every service you offer on this one page, but hit the key points that are core to your firm, and deliver a simple, direct message (i.e., you’ve been trusted by small business clients for years).
  2. A quick video: The research is overwhelming that people like to watch video online. It’s a quick shortcut around reading all of the information on a site. With one click, they should be able to get an overview of what can do for them in a couple minutes. If you don’t have the money for a professional promotional video, consider a testimonial from a customer or a simple message from the president of your firm.
  3. Updated content: It will help your site show up in Google’s search results if you’re able to have relevant content you update on a regular basis. Perhaps this is in the form of a blog, industry news or updates on filing deadlines and new laws/regulations.
  4. Information capture: There should be a form on your site, a potential client can quickly fill out that gives you information on who they are and what they want. This will help you follow up and secure them as a new client.
  5. Mobile capability: More and more people are doing their Internet searching on their phone or tablet. If they find your site, you want a mobile version available so they don’t have to struggle with zooming in and out just to read what you have to offer.

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By ClientWhys
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

On point 5 mobile capability... I would recommend a responsive website design that changes sizes based on screen size, from iphone to tablet. The cost of managing multiple sites is tough and expensive. Also fluid email is easier to read on mobile which will increase your newsletter response rates. 25% of email is now read on mobile, so keep that in mind. I agree with video. We have seen more shares on blog articles that have video so they work. It the video is promoting the firm, try to use real people (or at least voices) versus cartoons. More personal is better for relationship businesses.

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