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Sep 18th 2015
Managing Editor
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If you're a CPA running a small to mid-size firm, tax professional, bookkeeper in a firm or are looking to influence the profession in some way, we want you to become a guest blogger! AccountingWEB is designed for accounting professionals in practice to teach and learn from each other. This is Your community, so be a part of it! Share your opinions, tips, and tricks, daily frustrations... anything related to working in the accounting profession that will help out and even inspire other professionals in this field.

In short, what we ARE looking for are accounting professionals who want to blog, what we are NOT looking for are bloggers who think they can write about the accounting profession.

Here are the steps to creating your first blog post:

If you haven't already created an account with us, you can do so by clicking here. Make sure to fill out your profile so your readers can learn a little about your background and expertise.

Click on the blue box on the right side of the navigation bar and select "Login".

Select "My account" from that same blue box > select "Write a blog post" from the left menu on your account page > select "Start writing your blog post" from the center of the page.

A few tips to get you started:

  • Know Your Audience -- Keep your posts accounting-related and geared toward accountants in practice. We take down posts that appear to be commercial solicitation or self-promotion.
  • No Research Papers -- We want to read about YOUR personal experiences in the profession, so try to keep your tone casual and conversational.
  • First Timer's Review -- As a first-time blogger, your post might be prompted for approval once you submit it, in which case you can email editor Seth Fineberg ([email protected]) and we will review the post and publish it to the site.

For more tips on guest blogging with us, check out our rules and guidelines page. And if you have any additional questions, post in the comments below or just email [email protected].

Editor's Note: If you are a new blogger, please take the time to read the rules. They are very simple, but must be followed. Know that we reserve the right to block or remove Any content that we deem inappropriate. This includes unapproved links to other artilces or websites and posts that are not relevant to our audience or are promotional or advertorial in nature. If you are caught doing so, your account will be removed. Also, if you identify as a "professional blogger" or are simply looking for traffic to your own site or blog, this is probably not the site for you. Thank you!

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By infocareer
Jul 13th 2018 11:53

A round of applause for your article post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

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By kimmed
Aug 17th 2018 11:01

good article

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By Debbie
Aug 21st 2018 00:38

New to the site.
We have a small Architectural firm. Our CPA verbally stated that the growth of our company is now beyond her capabilities and needed to "fire" us. She created an IRS audit last year due to her lack of capabilities. So, we took our not yet filed 2017 taxes to a new CPA for review. Old CPA is now threatening us for non payment for the work she did do on our 2017 taxes. We told her we will not pay her invoice until our new CPA reviews her work. Now she is threatening to send us to collections. Does she have the right or is she crossing the line for a CPA? What verbiage can we use to convince her that we have to pay another CPA to review her work so that we are not set up for another audit? We will pay her something once the new CPA has done the review.
Thank you for any advice.

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Replying to Debbie:
By Clinton Lee
May 25th 2019 18:29

It's been a while since your post so the matter may be settled now, but it seems to me that the obvious solution is to first pay for the work that was done and then dispute it later if you have proper grounds. You don't use any "verbiage" to convince her of anything, you simply pay for the work you asked her to do for you.

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By raymonpakon
Nov 21st 2018 13:10

your article is very interesting, thank you for sharing that information with me

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By cherylsen21
Jan 18th 2019 11:18

Many Thanks for sharing the article on a worthy topic.

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Emilie Villa
By emilievilla
Feb 15th 2019 08:57

Thanks for article! Because I want to publish my articles in your site.

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By Clinton Lee
Feb 25th 2019 15:36

I love this: "accounting professionals who want to blog, what we are NOT looking for are bloggers who think they can write about the accounting profession."

I bet you get no end of submissions from SEOs looking to build a quick backlink or two for their clients. I bet, also, that their comments on accountancy matters make for hilarious reading.

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By gossippk10
Mar 30th 2019 20:07

Good post. Thanks a lot.

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By dorishall
Oct 2nd 2019 10:03

very informative article. thanks you

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Replying to dorishall:
By Calamity Jane
Jan 15th 2020 01:27


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By AdamKeith
Jan 23rd 2020 22:22

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