How to Post a Blog on AccountingWEB

Julie Casali
Digital Marketing Professional
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If you're a CPA running a small to mid-size firm or are looking to influence the profession in some way, we want you to become a guest blogger! The AccountingWEB community is designed for accountants in practice to teach and learn from each other. So share your opinions, tips, and tricks, daily frustrations... anything related to working in the accounting profession.

Here are the steps to creating your first blog post:

If you haven't already created an account with us, you can do so by clicking here. Make sure to fill out your profile so your readers can learn a little about your background and expertise.

Click on the blue box on the right side of the navigation bar and select "Login".

Select "My account" from that same blue box > select "Write a blog post" from the left menu on your account page > select "Start writing your blog post" from the center of the page.

A few tips to get you started:

For more tips on guest blogging with us, check out our rules and guidelines page. And if you have any additional question, post in the comments below. Or email me at [email protected].

Editor's Note: If you are a new blogger, please take the time to read the rules. Know that we reserve the right to block or remove Any content that we deem inappropriate. This includes posts that are not relevant to our audience or are promotional or advertorial in nature. Thank you!


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