Turned Down Again

Joel Ungar
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I've written about my rule on LinkedIn connection requests from people in the Detroit area that I don't know (naturally because I live in metro Detroit):

I don't accept LinkedIn connection requests from people in the Detroit area that I don't actually know. This condition can be cured by meeting the person face to face - a quick drop-in, coffee, breakfast, or lunch will do. After meeting the person, I will generally accept the invitation

I recently wrote Another Bad LinkedIn Connection Request. In that post, the person requesting the connection said they rarely got out of their office. Right.

Yesterday morning, I look at the daily update from one of my groups asking "Do You Paleo?" (If you don't know what Paleo is, check out the Wikipedia description.) Now, I'm in major weight loss reduction mode (down almost 40 pounds since July 8; 20 to go). I learned about Paleo en route but it didn't resonate with me. I then learned about the Primal Diet and that connected. I'm pretty much following the Primal Diet, and it has really accelerated my weight loss. 

Got off track a tad.

I responded to the post saying how I'm doing Primal but that they are fairly similar.

A few hours later I get a connection request from the person who started the Paleo discussion:

Thanks for commenting on the Paleo article I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

I got to admit I wasn't expecting this group posting to be an attempt at building this guy's network. I've had it happen elsewhere and usually they are in groups more relevant to my practice; in some cases I've made some great connections. In this case, though, the guy is a real estate agent. In the words of Seinfeld: Not that there is anything wrong with that! There isn't. But I've got to think about the quality of my network. I don't know this guy from Adam. I don't want my association with someone to tarnish me.

Naturally I write back and tell the guy of my Detroit rule. The reply:

No worries, Joel.

I'm hitting Ignore right after I post this. This is someone out for himself. 

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