Starting to Get Apple

Joel Ungar
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My daughter is heading off to her freshman year at The University of Michigan, so of course she needs her own computer. There are really only two choices: PC or Mac. PC is a wide open universe. Mac isn't.

I kind of knew she was going to wind up with a MacBook after we went on her Campus Day in late March. We walked through the Law Library Reading Room (where I spent countless nights studying when I went to Michigan). 50 or so people studying. 50 or so Macs. Not a PC in sight.

We made two trips to the local Apple store. First trip was just to start figuring out what the options were. The second trip was to make the purchase. Like the title says, I'm starting to get Apple. You pay a premium, but from the in store experience, you don't really care. The only negative part of the experience was I didn't have the right password to add her new iPhone (we bought of those for her too) to our Verizon account, and that wasn't their fault.

But the positives: Wow! Brightly lit store with all the information you could need right there. Well trained sales associates. No cash register - the sales associate's iPhone had a built-in credit card reader. Separate area for setting up her computer and her phone with associates dedicated to the task. Walked out of there a lot poorer but didn't mind.

Makes me wonder what lessons I can apply to my practice.

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