Some Miscellaneous LinkedIn Observations

Joel Ungar
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When one doesn't have enough to write a post on one major idea, then one does a bunch of bullets on smaller ideas. Witness:

  • LinkedIn made a big splash about changing Profiles to a new view. I signed up to get mine early, but it hasn't happened yet. The only change I noticed on mine is that there seems to be more space for my profile photo. Anybody got the new Profile yet?
  • I'm seeing lots of people using the Endorsement feature. I've done it for connections, but I'm still just not sure if I like this. Maybe that is why I haven't acknowledged many of the Endorsements I've received.
  • The Who's song "My Wife" from Who's Next is playing on my iPod right now. That doesn't really relate to this post but I thought you might be curious.
  • I've noticed in my news feed that LinkedIn is spotlighting people that have changed companies. It'll say something like "Congratulate these people on their new positions." (Of course none in my news feed right now so I can't get you the right wording.) This I like.
  • Had an email from LinkedIn saying they killing the Events feature on November 26. It was a nice feature but never gained any traction. Rest in peace.
  • As if there aren't enough political advertisements on TV and the radio, but right now one of the ads on my page is telling me to vote for Proposal #3 on the Michigan ballot. I'm even avoiding Facebook right now to get away from the political commentary.
  • LinkedIn is the premier place for professional networking on the Internet and I don't see that changing soon. Ignore it at your own risk.

On a connected issue, I had a great lunch meeting the other day that looks it like will result in some solid referrals that will lead to some new clients. More on that and how the meeting came to be in the future.

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