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Joel Ungar
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Just read The LinkedIn Blog post called Announcing: LinkedIn Intro. In a nutshell, they recognized they needed to do something to improve the usability of the connection request emails that you get.

Here is the downside: initially, it only works on the iPhone Mail app. For those of us who like a little freedom and have an Android phone, we are going to have to wait.

Upside: these blind connection requests now have a lot more information, such as job title and company. It will also have some interactivity, such as some links to the person and who you are connected to them.

As the post mentions, four years ago less than 4% of emails were read on mobile. Today, it is about 50%. Smart move. Too bad it is only available for iOS right now.

If you've got an iPhone and you experience one of these new and improved connection requests emails, please comment and let me know about you. I have to wait a while to experience it.

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By Susan caroll
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

Considering all the negative stuff I've heard about this, I don't think I'll be downloading and installing this in my iPhone!

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By Brian Williams
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

I too read that on LinkedIn website about this new application, and I was quite surprised that it is currently available only for iphone. I am a windows phone user and I think i will have to wait the most as its not even available for android at present. Would love to try this app on my phone!

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