New LinkedIn Feature: Endorsements

Joel Ungar
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While taking a break from reviewing audit workpapers (yes I do that too), I saw today's LinkedIn blog post called Introducing Endorsements: Give kudos with just one click. Take a quick read when you get a chance.

I kind of suspected something new was up earlier this afternoon when I clicked on a new connection and saw a block saying "Does Marty have these skills or expertise?" and then it listed several skills. Looks like you can add skills to this as well. There is then an Endorse button and a Skip button.

Trying to figure out what I think about this. It seems like it is "recommendations lite" - you can endorse someone without having to do all of the work in writing a recommendation. Will be interesting to see if this ultimately becomes more popular than recommendations.

Speaking of recommendations, they aren't as easy to see as they once were. They used to display more prominently on profiles, but now they are hidden a bit further down with each job you specifically list. Now we just have to see where endorsements wind up.

Ok, so those of you who read this, you are more than welcome to go to my profile and give me an endorsement. Or at least comment and let me know what is showing up. I've got to see how this works!

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