My Friend @grannyny Makes The Wall Street Journal

Joel Ungar
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This is just a really cool story about my friend Natalie Yellin: This Granny Advise Square Inc. Read it and smile. She is getting a ton of tweets today @grannyny.

Of course, you don't know the whole story. Well, at least the part that involves ME and didn't make the article.

About two years ago, I was at the car wash and checked in on Foursquare. I saw my friend Randy Pitler (@randypitler) had checked in at an Einstein Bagels and said "Getting bagels for my office."

Let me digress a moment: I have very specific rules on bagels. There are two types of bagels in this world:

  1. Jewish bagels
  2. Bagels that wish they were Jewish bagels.

Einstein bagels are the worst offenders in that second category.

Back to the story.

I found Randy's tweet from his Foursquare check-in and wrote back "Einstein bagels for your office? Don't you like the people in your office?" Next thing I know, our mutual friend Howard Collens (@howardcollens) responds "Yeah Randy, Really bad."

This keeps going. Another mutual friend, Brad Wasserman (@wassermanwealth) chimes in. So does a woman named @grannyny. I still have no real idea how she found this discussion - she might somehow have known Howard.

How does this all end? The five of us get together for bagels (yes, Jewish bagels). It's the funniest site. I'm 51, Brad is about 50, and Howard and Randy are I think are in their early to mid 40s. And Natalie is 75. 

We have a great time together and our meeting for bagels Friday morning. Brad invited the Wall Street Journal reporter but no word from her yet.

How she left this story out of the article is beyond me.

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