LinkedIn Gives You Ability to Follow "Thought Leaders"; More on Endorsements

Joel Ungar
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I knew LinkedIn was up to something when I visited it the first time this morning. There was an option at the top offering me the ability to follow thought leaders. From there, I checked Google Reader and found today's LinkedIn blog post Introducing the Ability to Follow Thought Leaders on LinkedIn (take a quick read to get more of a flavor of it).

I reserve the right to think this one over, but here are some initial thoughts:

  • The list is kind of arbitrary. I think there were about 150 in the initial list. Some obvious choices, and then the politically correct ability to follow President Obama and Governor Romney (separately of course). I recognized a lot of the people they are offering up, but some have no idea who they are.
  • Kind of bothered me to see they are offering people the ability to be included in this list.
  • I don't have a direct connection with any of the people on the list. That was discouraging!

All of the 150 had current posts listed. If LinkedIn is expecting frequent updates, then it is going to have to be from people working for some of these people. Or are they going to cull the Internet for thoughts from them? I don't know.

Last week, LinkedIn added the ability to make Endorsements. I've had a several connections endorse me, and I did my first endorsement this morning.

I bring this back up because both of these features seem kind of Klout like to me. On Klout, you can give people a +"K " to say they have influence in specific areas. Klout also identifies people that it calls thought leaders in various industries.

What I like about LinkedIn is that it is LinkedIn. I don't necessarily want it to be like Klout (which I have a neutral opinion on). I want it to continue to strengthen its core functionality.

I will probably follow a couple of the people offered up and will try to remember to report back. I just hope it doesn't clog my news feed.

Please let me know if you follow someone and what your experience is.


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