Another Bad LinkedIn Connection Request

Joel Ungar
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The flood of connection building invitations continues. I generally ignore them, but today I decided to respond to one. Name has been changed to protect the guilty.

7:26 AM

I'd like to add you to my professional network. - Frank Jones

I knew immediately that I don't know Frank Jones. I went to his profile and saw that he was a recruiter and in the Detroit area. So I sent a reply with my "Detroit Rule."

2:26 PM

Frank - thanks for the invite. As I don't think I know you, and you are in the Detroit area, I have to invoke my "Connection invitations from people in the Detroit area that I don't know" rule. Which means in order to accept, I have to know you. And that can be accomplished by meeting for coffee or lunch. If you'd like, please reply back with some dates and times. I live near Orchard Lake and Maple, and my office is at 13 and Telegraph.

Joel Ungar

I've written in the past about my Detroit Rule. I like to tell them where I live and where my office is located. That will help them if they want to suggest a place.

Then comes the reply:

3:11 PM

Thanks Joel, I understand . .  I network with many professionals being an executive recruiter in tax, acconting, and finance.  Coffee sounds great, but I don't get out of my office that often.  When I do, I'll give you a heads up and we'll see if timing is good.  Enjoy your day.

Give me a break. What recruiter doesn't get out of their office much? Which isn't the point. This is someone who sees as I'm a partner in a CPA firm and is hoping to send resumes to me. If you can't bother to try and establish a relationship, then why bother.

I hit Ignore.

(I know it has been a long time since I posted. Will try to write more regularly.)

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