And LinkedIn Updates Their Mobile Apps

Joel Ungar
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Yesterday I posted about a change in LinkedIn notifications on the website, and I mentioned that their blog said that updates were coming to the mobile products soon.

Soon turned out to be less than 24 hours. In a post late yesterday titled More LinkedIn Mobile Goodness they announced updates to their iPhone and Android applications, along with an update to the standard mobile application.

I have an Android phone and the application was available for download this morning. Overall, definitely an improvement. It had a problem connecting to LinkedIn at first (I'm guessing that too many phones were hitting it at once) but now it is fine. 

When it opens, I hit the drop down in the upper left corner and brings up four different tiles:

  1. Tops news
  2. You
  3. Messages
  4. Groups

I like what they've done to the "You" page as you can now see:

  • Who's viewed your profile (how much you can see here depends on your membership level).
  • Recent activity
  • Connections
  • Groups
  • Summary, Specialties, Experience etc.

I particularly like to see who viewed my profile, so to be able to do this from my phone is a big improvement (that's a future blog post right there). I'm going to keep playing with this.

iPhone users - please share your experience with the new app.


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