What's Your Community? (Audit Committee Members: This Means You! Others Invited Too!)

Feb 19th 2013
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What community(ies) do you belong to? Which ones define you? Align you? Refine you? Opine you? If you are a member of an Audit Committee in particular, we invite you to read on....

All of the groups in which FEI members get together, including Local Chapters, National Accounting Policy & Government Advocacy Committees, Roundtables, Action Teams, and Communities of Interest, are Communities.

Within that umbrella, Communities of Interest generally meet virtually (i.e., via webcast or conference call) and thus are not bound by time (zone) or space (i.e. you can tune in at work, at home, from 'virtually' anywhere).

Our Communities of Interest are based on member interest, and join together around a common area of interest or peer network. Communities of Interest include: CFOs (see summary of a very successful program jointly sponsored last year by Ernst & Young and FEI's CFO Community of Interest on The Evolving Role of Today's CFO); Technology; and Theory Meets Practice

NEW in 2013: Audit Committee Members

FEI has always welcomed Audit Committee Members within its Executive category of membership, although this may be a little-known fact. We plan to offer more programs of interest to the Audit Committee Member segment of our membership, which is an important component of high quality and ethical financial reporting. Additionally, FEI recognizes that CFOs and other senior level financial executives sometimes serve not only on their own company's Audit Committee, but also on other company's Audit Committees. Our Audit Committee Member Community of Interest can be an important source of information and networking for those CFO members when they wear their audit committee member hat as well.

Click the button below to join FEI's new Audit Committee Member Community of Interest!

(Note: you must be an FEI member to join this Community of Interest; if you are not an FEI member we will send you a membership application..)

A Word to our Sponsors (And Potential Sponsors!)

Finally, a word to our sponsors (or potential sponsors!) - if your firm has speakers or programs of interest to the Audit Committee Member demographic, please contact me directly to schedule a program for this Community of Interest or to learn more about our other Communities of Interest.



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