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In addition to being a state and local tax consultant, I am a fitness addict.  Two weeks ago I found out I have a hernia and need surgery to fix it.  Not only am I upset about this and in some pain, I think I am more upset about the fact that I will not be able to workout for the next several weeks.  That's like asking me not to breathe (like I said, I am a fitness addict).

My sister dated a bodybuilder when I was 13 years old and he got me hooked.  Ever since then, I MUST workout.  My body craves it, like some people crave food or other interests.  I am obsessed about working out; meaning, if I go too many days without working out, I go crazy.  My body starts getting agitated and I become grouchy and irritable.  I need the feeling that working out provides, how it makes me feel stronger, the positive effects on my appearance, and the stress relief.  It also usually helps me clear my head and think through different ideas, issues or opportunities going on in my life.

Over the years, my fitness addiction has produced a lot of positive results, but I have had numerous injuries such as:

  1. back injuries
  2. knee injuries
  3. shoulder injuries
  4. elbow and tennis elbow injuries
I always thought I was at risk of having a hernia, and well, I guess it was time.  I did just turn 40 after all.  Oh well, I will just have to get it fixed and hit the gym hard once I am cleared to do so.  The next month will be hard for me, so don't get too close, I might be a little edgy.
Well, I will try to apply this to state taxes.  State taxes can be like a hernia that causes your company to stop and take notice.  It can cause you to re-evaluate your business to take appropriate actions to reduce the negative impact.  
In other cases, your business could be taking positions that are risky year after year until one day, the auditor knocks on your door and issues a large assessment (like a hernia).  It will cause your company to change its positions/treatment of certain items or transactions going forward.  
Well, I am trying to be positive about this situation.  Since I am a fitness addict and workout all the time, my body is probably overtrained and could use a month of rest to heal and recuperate from 27 years of working out.  That's the positive spin.  The negative spin is that I might go crazy during that month.  
In regards to state taxes, a large assessment can also cause your company to make other positive changes in your business.  Perhaps forcing your company to discover new and better ways to do business that could ultimately improve your company's bottom line in the future.
Like anything, "this too shall pass."  It is only temporary (atleast that is what I keep telling myself).

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