Making Ideas Happen: the Gap between Knowing and Doing

Brian Strahle
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Make Ideas Happen!! - I have been reading this book (Making Ideas Happen) lately and highly recommend it! The book focuses on developing an ACTION mindset!! Focus on actions not thoughts or ideas.

I don't know about you, but I have lots of ideas.  My role at Baker Tilly is about developing and building the state and local tax (SALT) practice in the D.C. office and helping the SALT practice grow on a firmwide basis as well.  To that end, I have accumulated a ton of different ideas on how to accomplish it.  However, those ideas will provide zero benefit if they just remain ideas on paper.  Execution and action is what it takes.

One of the key takeaways I got from the book was to have an "action mindset" no matter where you are or what you are doing.  One example of this is meetings.  Instead of taking notes at a meeting of what was discussed, how about writing down the actions that must be done as a result of the meeting. 

When you have ideas, write them down in the form of actions. 

It has been said that "the greatest gap in life is the one between knowing and doing."  I strongly agree.

Life is short.  Stop waiting.  Start doing.


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