20 Years and Counting: IT GOES FAST!!

Brian Strahle
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Today is my 20th wedding anniversary.  I can hardly believe it.  I know, I don't look like I could be married for 20 years, but yes it is true.

We got married when we were 19 years old and a lot has happened over the years including: college, career, kids, 9 moves, and the death of family members, in particular my dad.  My dad died 4 years ago from lung cancer.  He never smoked a day in his life.  The doctors said it was from second hand smoke.  Hence, I am a very strong advocate for not smoking.  It not only kills you, but it could kill your loved ones and innocent bystanders.  Sorry for changing the subject from my anniversary to my dad, but this day also makes me think of him.  I miss him so much.

As for my anniversary, my wife and I have been extremely blessed over the years.  Regardless of where we have been, what we have accomplished, etc., the favorite part is that I was with her.  She is my best friend.  There is no one else I would rather spend time with.

On this day, I hope you have someone to share your life with.  Someone you would rather spend time with than anyone else.  It makes the great times better and the not so great times, still good.

In this field of state and local taxes and public accounting, it often feels like family isn't first.  In my mind, family will always be first.  My wife and kids are the most important thing to me.

Succeed and achieve, but please keep your priorities straight!

The last words my dad said to me was:  focus on the right things (family and God), because IT GOES FAST!

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