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Your Online Activity and Who Knows About It

Nov 18th 2011
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There are individuals who would like to see the government getting involved with the regulation of information on the Internet. The mere thought of such government control conjures up images of more heavily government-controlled countries like China and Iran, however it appears that our own government is already doing its share of information control.

Do we really need more regulation about what can and cannot be viewed online? Many of the current contentious issues relate to privacy concerns such as Facebook's facial recognition technology and Google's cataloging and selling user online habits. Other concerns involve the use of information obtained through geographical tracking on mobile devices. There's good and bad in all of this; the watchword of AccountingWEB blogger Ken Garen is that any legislation relating to the restriction of or the free flow of information on the Internet "cannot, and should not, be handled by a commission with a political agenda."



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