Your Most Effective Marketing Tool? Your Calendar!

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While there is an important case to be made for firms of all sizes implementing a varied mix of marketing tactics, one key tool is right at everyone's finger tips - your calendar! All too often you have the best intentions, only to discover that the weeks fly by as you meet deadlines, put out fires and get busy with the daily issues that pop up unexpectedly. As a result, the time you had intended to invest in business development simply vanishes into thin air. Instead of behaving in a reactive manner, scheduling time when you can find a free moment (which is never of course!), I suggest you proactively use your calendar to make time for the things you need to do. Schedule at least one marketing-type event each week, including lunch with a client, a center of influence or a buisness propsect along with attending a networking meeting at your local chamber, business association or an industry trade group you have joined. Bring a client along when you go to these programs to get an extra bang for your buck! When you manage your calendar you will find that you are accomplishing so much more than you ever did before. Planning ahead helps you "make things happen!" Any other good ideas for ensuring you stick to your plans? Please share!

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