Dec 17th 2010
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 As you can see from the picture, I finally stopped by the Apple store and bought an iPad.

Some of you might ask, why?  For me, it helps bring everything together.  Of course, I'm still learning all of the features and exploring all of the Apps.

I also love my Kindle.  Now I can read books on my iPad with iBooks or I can read my Kindle books also on my iPad via a Kindle App.

How will CPAs use an iPad?

  • Walter Lynn, managing partner of Lynn & Associates in Springfield, Illinois, told me that when he had a meeting with a banker several months ago he took along his iPad rather than paper.  The banker was amazed and impressed.
  • When I was meeting with a group of managing partners in Chicago recently, one volunteered that all his partners have one and that is how they now bring the agenda and other documents to their partner meetings.

Check out the Arizona Society of CPAs Blog - The CPA's Guide to the iPad.

Read the article in CPA Technology Advisor - the iPad Wins Over an Apple Skeptic.

Google "CPA iPad" and do some reading.  There is a lot of information out there specifically for CPAs.  Decide for yourself.

Meanwhile, I'm having lots of fun experimenting and exploring with my new iPad.  I didn't have to drag my laptop along to a recent Ohio Society Committee meeting.  When they were going over aspects of their website, I just followed along on my iPad.  

"Be not simply good - be good for something." - - Henry David Thoreau


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