Year End Planning is Good Marketing

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By Sally Glick -The year-end is fast approaching. While the economy is dominating everyone’s thoughts, this is the best time to get the attention of your clients. What better way to demonstrate your concern and your commitment to them than by offering some proactive year-end, tax planning suggestions. There is still a brief window of opportunity for some – and at a time when belt-tightening is paramount – you can be a valued resource for new ideas.

It is important to remember that your firm’s “marketing“ initiatives are not synonymous with advertising or direct mail campaigns to generate new leads! Instead, whenever you add value to a client, you are reaffirming your position as their trusted advisor – which is the best kind of “marketing. “ So think about the clients you serve and consider what options they have as December 31, 2008 draws near. Market to them – they will thank you for it!

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