Writing Control Procedures Part 2

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By Dave Burt, CPA -
Well, when we last left our hapless character, me, the BIG Boss had just presented me with a Herculean task. “You are to write control procedures for the company,” said the voice from the sky. Initially, our character protested incompetency and tried to display general apathy. However, at the last moment (perhaps the image of those long unemployment lines might have influenced his thinking) he said to himself, I’m industrious enough to pull off most anything with the proper preparation. So, I pulled out my research mouse and went to work. I started with “internal controls,” “control procedures,” “accounting procedures,” and somewhere came up with “procedure boilerplates”. I didn’t see what I wanted until I googled “accounting manuals”. And there, a sponsored link for Copedia.com caught my eye and I double clicked it. The first sentence on the web page grabbed bated me further: “Our Content Tools include a collection of policies, procedures, internal controls, manuals, forms, and templates.” After further reading of the content, I decided that this could be a very good start. I picked the Accounting and Management package since it seemed to include a wider range of templates. And, heck, at $75 each I could come back and buy until I got everything I needed. The thing is that you, as the buyer, are only granted the rights to use the software once. That is, I would have to purchase a package for each employer. That’s fine, gosh forbid, I would have to do this again! To be continued….

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