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Yesterday I attended a kick a$$, awesome wedding and before the reception, I was in church watching the happy couple tie the knot.  I was listening to the priest give the homily - blah blah blah - until he got to the 5 important things a couple needs to keep their marriage nicey nice.  I figured I better perk up and listen........ who can't appreciate a pointer or two.  And as I listened, not only did his advice pertain to marriage, but to the workplace as well. 

1.  Say please - basic thing we're taught as kids.  Why do we lose sight of this as adults and don't say please as often as we should?  "Can you please get me that report" sounds alot better than "Get me that report". 

2.  Say thank you - another basic.  Saying thank you to someone for a job well done, or whatever, goes such a long way to building morale.  Grunting at a person or simply saying nothing just doesn't cut it.

3.  Saying sorry - we are all human and make mistakes.  Simple.

4.  Forgiveness - when someone says they are sorry for a mistake they made, its ok to forgive.  Move on.  Don't bring it up in a meeting 2 months later.  The past is the past.

5. Respect -  it goes both ways.  Don't expect to get it if you don't give it. the hosts of the fab party, thank you for inviting me.  Please let me know when your next event will be.  I'm sorry the waitstaff knocked over a full tray of glass that went all over the mother of the bride.....but, she forgave them with grace and a respectful smile.

Looking forward to another rockin' good time!

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