Wondering what content your prospects find most relevant? Ask them.

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Today, everyone is all a-twitter about the importance of being relevant. As they should be.

According to Marketo's Andrew Spoeth, the average B2B buyer receives 20+ campaign touches per week. What this means is that prospects will only pay attention to that information they deem highly relevant to their situations.

Know  prospects' priorities

If we want to capture prospects' attention, engage their interest, and ultimately win their business we need to speak directly to our prospects' highest priorities.  What that means is that we need a way of determining what these highest priorities are.

There are many ways to find out. Examples include social listening, reading analyst reports, or querying our sales forces.

Go to the source

Nevertheless, I've found that the best way to find out what prospects will find most relevant is to ask recent prospects. After all, they've just gone through the entire buying process-and likely still remember what information they were seeking at each stage.

Best of all, each of these accounts was a highly qualified buyer for our products or services. Else, we wouldn't have spent valuable sales time with them.

Perform win loss post mortems

In a clever post yesterday, Jeff Henning made a similar point. He observed that while losing a customer is painful, failing to learn anything from that loss is even worse.

Nevertheless, few capitalize on the opportunity to perform win loss post mortems. In fact, Pragmatic Marketing, a company that trains product managers and product marketing managers on best practices, found that less than 25% of the population they surveyed engages in this process.

Cindy Alvarez, a strong advocate for customer feedback offered a number of reasons why companies rarely solicit feedback in her post The Real Reason Companies Avoid Feedback. Whatever the reason, my advice to companies that want to develop relevant content is, "Get over it".

The new win loss analysis looks nothing like it did in the past

In a follow up post, I'll describe how to get the customer feedback you require to develop relevant content. While, I recommend win loss post mortems, these are not your forebears' win loss reports.

Those analyses started with the point the prospect first connected with Sales. Today, sales comes late to the party so we need to start much earlier.

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