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Every employer tries to make their employees happy, give them what they want (within reason) etc.  Employers welcome new ideas and thinking outside of the box.  And boy, do these ideas below fall into the thinking way outside of the box category. 

Below are the most memorable ideas from a CareerBuilder survey conducted in 2009.  The follow ideas were brought forth by employees to their hiring managers:

  • Allocate a special smoking area for medical marijuana use.
  • Hold the team meeting in Hawaii.
  • Add a tanning bed to the break room.
  • Install a swimming pool.
  • Institute bikini Fridays.
  • Add beer to the vending machine.
  • Add a reclining chair in the lactation room, so everyone can use it for naps.
  • Replace an employee’s desk with a futon so the employee could lie down while working.
  • Allow workers to change clothes in their cubicles.
  • Apply the Family and Medical Leave Act to cover jail time.
  • Allow a worker who is scared of the dark to be required to work only during daylight hours.
  • Allow an employee more time off to pursue a side business as a clown.
  • Recommend that the HR professional wear nicer shoes.

Surely this is a small sampling of the creative requests by employees.  I found this list to be quite interesting, and thought I would share.  Although, I am in favor of holding a team meeting in Hawaii.  That isn't too unrealistic is it? 

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