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 The four types of parents:

The authoritative parent
Affectionate and engaged
Sets limits and enforces consequences
Uses reason, logic, and appropriate negotiation
Empowers a child's decision making
His or her child is likely to be:
Happy, responsible and kind
Good a problem solving
Self motivated and confident
An excellent student
A leader
The authoritarian parent
Emotionally aloof
Bossy; likely to say "Because I said so'
Uses physical punishment or verbal insults
Dismisses a child's feelings
His or her child is likely to be:
Moody and anxious
Well behaved
An average to good student
A follower
The permissive parent
Anxious to please, ends every sentence by asking, "OK?"
Can't say no and stick with it
Easily manipulated
His or her child is likely to be:
Demanding and whiney
Easily frustrated
Lacking kindness and empathy
A poor to average student
A follower
The passive parent
Emotionally removed or indifferent
Abdicates discipline
Inconsistent and unpredictable
His or her child is likely to be:
Clingy and needy
Inappropriate and rude
Likely to get into trouble
A poor student
A follower


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