Why Promote Your Firm? Let Others Say it for You!

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Testimonials are a terrific way to gain attention without having to be self-serving.


When you let others speak on behalf of your firm, they will make a great case for using your services. As existing clients willingly reach out to other business owners and prospects, they generate enthusiasm for your firm as they share their perspective and their personal experiences on what makes the firm so special. At the same time their words also impact your staff – giving them an increased sense of pride as they are reminded what others have to say about the firm.


Along with the obvious benefits of a sincere, third-party endorsement, there is a second advantage – as you create an opportunity for your clients to gain some exposure as well. Loyal clients are usually pleased to be asked for a testimonial and they are proud that their opinions are sought after. Do not overlook this important marketing tool by taking their kind words for granted. You can post these comments on your website, frame them and display them in your office or simply hang them up in your kitchen or other areas where employees can enjoy them.      

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