Why Is Everyone Else So Messed Up?

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Have you ever wondered why the other people in your life (partners, associates, spouse, kids...) don't see the world the way you do?
>>>Why don't they value the same things?
>>>Why do they leave stuff lying around?
>>>Don't they know that the picture is crooked on the wall in the waiting room?
>>>Why do I always have to do everyone else's work???

Could be you are a "first-born" in your family. Are you the oldest child? Is there a six-year difference between you and your older sibling? Are you an only child?

Did you know that of the first 26 astronauts in NASA's program, 23 were first-borns? The other 3 were only children.

The First-Born Advantage: Making Your Birth Order Work is the latest by noted psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman.

In this book he shows you why you are different, how to communicate, motivate and better understand all of those around you.

I'll tell you this: he sure nailed me. I no longer get angry when I see something out of place. I understand better that my wife (second-born) is much more of a relationship person than I am (she is normal; not a CPA). I now understand why my daughter is do driven, but my son had to marry a domineering woman to kick him you-know-where and get his career going (all the way to pharmacy school!).

I strongly recommend this book, only to make others around you happier, and your life more peaceful.

Allan Boress, CPA, CVA is the author of The "I-Hate-Selling" Book available on amazon.com


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