Why Does Your Firm Do What It Does?

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As you contemplate exciting new ideas for marketing your firm to the business community this summer, I would like to share some ideas that I learned while watching Simon Sinek's video on how Apple markets their computers. What Sinek demonstrates is that, Instead of focusing on all the cool features (which would of course, help them attract new and repeat business), at Apple they resist the temptation to talk about their products while they focus on WHY they are in business. They share their passion for innovation with their customers.

Rather than saying what they do (produce great technology hardware and software products), Apple zeroes in on their commitment to innovation and to challenging the status quo. Customers are attracted to their passion, and it reflects in their sales. At APple, it is their "why" that intrigues the customers and builds loyal fans.

So when you are looking for ways to distinguish your firm with your target market, when you emphasize your wonderful services, skills, experience and business acumen remember to also include a statement about WHY you are CPAs and why you want to serve the business community. This time, try sharing your passion, and clients will understand the unique characteristics of your firm that only you can offer because they are intrinsic to your mission and your commitment.   

Please feel free to share what you are passionate about - why do you do what you do?

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