Why do we just make resolutions at New Year?

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 Being in business can be tough even at the best of times.   All businesses are the same; a series of ideas and opportunities to pursue, and problems to solve.  When things are bad it means the problems out weight the opportunities, and visa versa.

When things are really bad the whole world can seem like a very dark place, but it’s just because we can’t see the opportunities or that we see them as problems or threats.  The way out is to identify small, easy wins and build on these slowly as each success takes place.

Some times it is necessary to take stock of things, do you own swot analysis, and prove that in reality you have far more friends and goodwill surrounding you that you ever thought possible.

So is the New Year a good time to do this?  Not really, it gives focus and an easy date to refer back to, but really we should be doing this every day.   To be successful, you need to have a plan and monitor your performance against that plan so you can find a way to be accountable.  In your own business this is isn’t easy, so the very successful people have a mentor.   Someone who makes them feel accountable.  I have always believed that the only person that will make a real difference to my world is me, no one else has enough motivation, but if I need a helping hand then I will take it.

The best athletes have trainers, not because they can’t train by themselves but because we all find it too easy to only do enough and not go that extra mile that makes us exceptional.  Unfortunately we don’t all have this privilege so we have to learn to be our own trainers and mentors.  

So, make a new resolution every month, every week, every day if necessary; it is not the resolution that makes a difference, it’s the implementation.   


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