Who Really Benefits from the Green Movement?

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A few days ago I had a great conversation with a CPA in northern California who told me he's really sick of the whole paperless office movement. Getting to know each other a bit the first few minutes of the call, he also commented about his intense dislike of the New York Yankees. Of course, this reminded me of the classic quote by one of my favorite columnists, Mike Royko, who did time at several Chicago newspapers. Royko once quipped, "Hating the Yankees is as American as pizza pie, unwed mothers and cheating on your income tax."

Don't you feel like the paperless office movement at times is a bit of a ploy to force people to do the printing on their end? This saves the "green, paperless companies" significant paper costs, printer and ink costs, mailing costs, labor…saving greenbacks while beating the "green" drum. It's a brilliant scheme.

Your thoughts? The accounting community needs to know what YOU think.


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