Who me? A Malcontent?

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By Dave Burt, CPA - I’m not sure I get it. Does anyone know what happened to the workplace nowadays? I just don’t remember feeling I had any real bond with any of my employers. Am I just messed up? My first job out of college was at regional CPA firm. One day a senior partner said, with a voice that carried across the whole department, “Burt, you’re going to be a lousy accountant.” But then again, he had squat in billable hours and rarely brought in new clients. The other partners finally had enough of him three years later and dissolved the partnership.
I can’t really think, with warmth, of any one past employer. True, some bosses were better than others, some offices nicer, and some co-workers smarter, but all in all, no warm fuzzy feelings.
Are you supposed to, or can you afford to, have any attachment? After all, isn’t it true that, generally, the only way to get a real pay increase is to move after two or three years? And what about at-will employment? Who do you think started that? Employees? Not likely. And what about arbitration clauses that many employers require employees to sign? Are they trying to insulate themselves from the impact of legitimate charges of workplace discrimination?

What do you think about your experience as an employee? Or, as an employer? Am I just screwed up? A malcontent?

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