Who ARE Your Best Clients? What Do You Do Once You Know?

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If you'd like to read a detailed and quite fascinating :) article about client selection, CCH published my article, "Who ARE Your Best Clients? And What Do You Do Once You Know?" in their Feb 2007 issue of CPA Practice Management Forum.

It is loosely based on my presentation called "Evaluating Your Clients, Why and How" from Assoc. for Accounting Marketing's 2002 conference though I am proud to say that both my ideas and my process have evolved a lot since then!

The article is about Key Client Evaluation as a practice management tool and subtopics are:

  • Traditional Client Grading Methods Are Flawed;
  • Why “Grade” Clients; and
  • Performing an Effective Client Evaluation

With CCH's permission, I share the PDF with you below (to my knowledge, the story is not posted on their site, it's just in their print publication).

Download cpa_pract_mgmt_final_who_are_clients.pdf

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