White Glove Service - What Does It Mean?

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When you think of white glove service, what does that mean to you?  Is it a cleaning service that goes around with a white glove checking out the dust factor in your place?  That's a different kind of white glove service.

When I think of white glove service, this is what comes to mind:

- People getting back to me within a timely manner.  If you say you're going to call within the hour or two (or whatever it is) do it.  And if an answer is not available, call anyway and say so.  People will appreciate that moreso than silence.

- A good and friendly attitude - shocking I know.   I was in Cooperstown last week with my son Jake, cheering on his baseball team.  Anywhere I went,  people were more than friendly and willing to help.  Certainly makes me want to go back again.

- Anticipating needs.  Think restaurant.  How many times have you had to ask for your water glass to be filled?  How nice is it when the waitstaff is attentive!  Ever watchful - when the water is low they are right there to refill without being asked. 

It's the small things too.  After being gone for a week, I went to post this blog and seemed to have "lost" the submit button on my AW profile....or so I thought.  I e-mailed Tony Pavich asking what I was doing wrong.  He responded back to me immediately, nicely asking if I was logged into my profile.  I guess I am still in vacation mode because I didn't log in.   Now that's what I'm talking about with white glove service - prompt response and always friendly. 

 Are you providing your clients with white glove service?

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