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I've been bad and out of touch.  Well, at least that's how I feel.  Confession: My last blog posting was on April 7.  APRIL 7!!!  I hang my head.  I don't know what happened.  Yeah, well, I do....work, kids, other obligations, sports, oh....and did I mention kids AND their 20 different sports?  Every time I tried to post a blog, I became sidetracked.  I'll get to it in a moment, I would say to myself.  A moment turned into tomorrow turned into next week, and before I even realized...more than a month had passed.  Not an excuse, just at times, a fact of life.  Please forgive me.

In my time of reflection, in an age where we are always running and can't seem to catch up, do we unconsciously do this to our clients?  Now that busy season is over, do we kind of let them go by the wayside, figuring we have time to reach out to them?  What about our colleagues, our vendors, etc?

Since there is never a right time for anything, the time is now!  A quick hey, how are ya goes a long way.  It shows that you care, and are thinking about them.

So, "hey, how are ya AccoutingWeb!" 

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