When you own a biz, sometimes saying "no" is the hardest thing to do...

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I really, really struggle with this one. Do you?

I just read a really great post about saying "no" over on Inc's website, "How to Kill a Bad Idea."  Author Jason Fried talks about it in a product development scenario, but it applies to many business scenarios. We like to say "yes" but sometimes "no" is the right thing to say for a lot of reasons.

My good friend Ron Baker once shared with me that one of his mentors had an epiphany one day saying her very liberating remedy to this was to assert, "I'd love to but I just don't want to." 

I'm kind of there right now with regard to maintaining my role here on Blogger's Crew. I love what AccountingWEB has done with this space and am very grateful to Rob Nance for inviting me to be among the first members of Blogger's Crew.

Therefore, it's with some sadness and a dash of guilt that I am admitting I cannot "keep up with it all" and am saying "No" to continuing my role on Blogger's Crew. I'm going to be "retired." I know the many other BC members will carry on and keep giving you lots of great content.

If you've enjoyed what you've read of mine, I hope you'll check out my Golden Practices blog or connect in one or more of these other social spaces:

Thanks for your readership over the years and I hope we'll "connect" elsewhere on the web going forward!

Best wishes to you in 2011 and beyond,


Over. And. Out.


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