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By Sally Glick - As the long, holiday week-end approaches, I decided to take a little time to contemplate on all the exciting twists and turns of my career as an accounting marketer. Although I have been honing my skills for many years, I clearly recall the early stages - some of the frustration and also the learning curve. One thing that I notice is how my job description has changed. I am involved more now in a strategic approach - while still remaining very hands on (I am a team of one!). I also find myself networking out in the community more, and I know many marketers are also following this route. We have, in some instances, become the "public face" of our firms as much as the professionals. We have built our own networks that serve the firm well, creating connections and generating opportunities.

One lesson I have learned that has changed my behavior is to be more effective at prioritizing. Early in my career I tried to do everything and to be everywhere, but I found that this only diluted my efforts and kept me unfocused and thus, less successful. Now, I encourage my own firm to be more targeted and it is the same tactic I use for myself.

I ask one simple question with every endeavor I undertake, and that is -"How will this positively impact our firm?"

In other words, if we do this "Is this going to bring us a new relationship that may result in a quality lead?" - "Is this going to provide us with the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise?" - "Is this going to help us meet someone new who is influential in our targeted market?" As I attempt to answer these questions honestly and objectively, I am forced to be more targeted and strategic in everything I undertake.

I have learned much since I first started in this profession - and I would love to share those lessons with youl. What changes are you seeing?

I hope you have a restful, safe and fun-filled ZMemroial Day!

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