When Clients Want Competitive Information - You Can Be a Great Resource

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When we speak with clients and prospects, they all seem to be consistently hungry for data on emerging trends, significant changes, benchmarking, or any relevant current information about their industry and their customers. If you have access to First Research or other industry profiling sites, select 30-40 of your top clients and run a profile of their industry for them. This is the type of information you can deliver personally – and as you do, it provides the opportunity for you to begin a dialogue with them regarding what is new in their world and what the impact may be for their situation

This is a nice “summer time” project to conduct when schedules are a little more relaxed. July and August are excellent for connecting with your “A” clients personally and adding value in a unique way.  Let me know if you have ever tried something similar to this, and how it has worked for your firm.

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