What's Your Passion?

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Maybe some would ask the question this way, "What turns you on?"  What do you really like to do?  Why do you do what you do?  Are you doing what you want to do?  Look around.  Do you see many people that are passionate about their work?  Are you passionate about yours?  Passion for our work can make it fun again!

I don't think I was born to be an accountant.  I was a shoe salesman during high school and  enjoyed the work.  I even had an opportunity to enter a management training program with a large retailer when I graduated from high school.  Working late one Friday night, I asked my boss what he thought I should be.  His answer shaped my future.  He said, "I think you should be an accountant because they all live in big houses and drive expensive cars!"  Good enough for me!  I became an accountant!

I worked hard at it.  I wanted to be the best.  Get in my way and you were in trouble!  I was playing the game to win, to get the trophy for me!   We realize, of course, that wanting to succeed is not wrong!  Some of my ways of pursuing success, however, were misguided.  It was all about me!  It wasn't about the work, it wasn't about the clients, it wasn't about my employer and it wasn't about passion!  It was only about what I could get for me!

Life was a struggle until I learned a better way!  That better way was learning to serve my clients, partners, employees and others by putting their needs before mine. At first, it was hard labor!  It didn't take long, however, for labor to turn into fulfillment and for fulfillment to turn to passion for my work!  There wasn't a lot more money or recognition, but work and life began to be fun!

All this said to recognize the possible effects of the state of our profession.  Burdensome accounting standards, revisions of auditing standards, IFRS, government intervention and other current events make it hard to be an accountant or auditor today.  At almost every live seminar I instruct someone will say, "It's not much fun anymore!"  When the fun disappears, so does the passion!

So, what's your passion?  Why are you an accountant or auditor?  For the money?  For building a larger practice?  For advancing  to the top of your company?  To survive until retirement? Or, for serving the needs of your employer, your clients, employees and others?  In spite of all the do's and dont's forced upon us, accounting is still a service profession!  Hey, life is a service profession!  Serving others can be the fuel for passion and fun!  Post a comment and tell us about your passion and how you keep it alive.


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