What's Your Craic?

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Concordia College Accounting Professor David Albrecht, author of the blog, The Summa, has thrown down a gauntlet to all of you crazy accountants out there. Can accountants have a craic? A craic, according to the professor, via Wikipedia, is something fun or entertaining that makes for enjoyable conversation. So no, that crazy deduction you let your client take for snowboarding as a business expense, is not a craic.

However, if you actually went snowboarding with said client, in a wonderful far-off untouched-snow drop-you-in-by-helicopter sort of place and came up with a new business plan as you were shouting at each other while hurtling downhill, that might put you in the running. Winners get a $20 Amazon gift certificate, but, more importantly, they get a write-up on The Summa, and that's kind of a craic all by itself.


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