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By Sally Glick - Having just returned from the Association of Accounting Marketing's annual summit, I am full of great new ideas as well as some tried and true old favorites that need to be brought back to life.

One of the interesting discussions at the conference this year centered around how marketing can be more effective with the firm's recruiting and retention challenges. Who better than your best communicator to draw attention to the firm and to demonstrate value for new hires! If you do not have a marketing professional - or a recruiter - at the firm, whoever has this responsiblity needs to think carefully about the words that are selected to tell your firm's story. Consider what is distinctive about the firm, its culture, its clients and its approach to staff. Use powerful words that show you are committed to your employees' growth - both personal and professional - and spend as much time on the message as you do when approaching prospective clients. After all, the process is the same, it is just that the audience is different. No matter what, everyone likes to be talked to as if they have value, as if they really matter to you, as if you are doing your best to understand their situation and relate to them.

Want more good ideas? Share your thoughts and we will all be happy to discover some exciting new ways to improve your recruiting. We will talk about retention next time.

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