What's Passion Got to Do With Success?

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By Sally Glick I was speaking with a good friend of mine last week ( a sole practitioner in the Southeast) - as he expressed concern about his practice growth. This conversation made me think about passion as the key ingredient in all marketing initiatives. He commented that his new business leads just were not as robust as they had been previously. I asked him what he is doing differently now that might be responsible for the slowing down of his pipeline. After thinking for a moment he said, “I guess I am just not out there as much as I have been before.” In reality, he had been doing so well that he became a little complacent. And that led to a slowly diminishing of his list of leads. When times are great and when times are tough, the one thing that must remain consistent is your energy and your passion. Think about how proud you are of your firm, your skills and your relationships. Get fired up. When you bring passion to your conversations, you will find that your enthusiasm is contagious! Do not stop having lunch with the centers of influence and business leaders in your area – even when you are on overload. You know how long it takes to generate just one meaningful lead. It makes sense that you cannot jump start your efforts just when you need new business the most. It should be a continuous effort, integrated into your normal work week. Spending time to build relevant relationships is not something to turn on and off, but rather is an ongoing process that you must adhere to consistently and systematically.


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