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Those of you who have heard me speak within the last year or so know that I stress “two words.”

What two words describe your firm? I receive a wide variety of answers from seminar participants. Here are a few examples. See if they match any of the words you would use to describe your firm.
  • Organized – Chaos
  • Caring – Challenged
  • Need – Help
  • Growing – Pains
  • Fun – growing
  • Continually – Frustrated
  • Plateaued – Trying
  • Fiefdoms – Abound
  • For – Sale 
Check out this video of me explaining how you can use Two Words to aid in your role as a mentor – mentoring isn’t difficult; it’s as easy as “two words.”
Now, here are my two words for you for Spring, 2011:  What’s next?
What plan do you have in place for 2011?  What does your Action Plan look like for the remainder of the year?  What’s the plan for improving client service? What does your pipeline look like?  What programs are you offering to KEEP GOOD PEOPLE?
What’s your plan? What’s next?
"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now" – Alan Lakein

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