What's New in Office 2010 and MS Online Productivity Suite for Partners

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15 Items I noted which were interesting in the beta of Office 2010:

1. You can now customize the Ribbon.

2. The “meatball” (office button) is now a “chicklet”. (Bad for people with cheap mice, good for most of us that need more screen real estate)

3. There’s a web version of the Office Suite.

4. Groove is now called MS Sharepoint Workspace 2010, and allegedly will sync with SP. (Hopefully you can also do 64-bit file sharing workspaces as well….)

5. “Slicer” add-on for PivotTables looks interesting. Looks like filters with a nice eye-candy GUI. Cool.

6. More symbols in the conditional formatting.

7. “Project Gemini” BI Tool looks very interesting. Says it requires a separate download – I haven’t had time to deal with it yet.

8. Excel Mobile 2010…. hope it’s available for the Pre, iPhone, and Android.

9. 64-bit version, no more 2GB file size limitation.

10. One Note Web App – cool.

11. Multiple Exchange Servers now supported in Exchange O2K10.

12. More tricked out Smart Art.

13. Live contacts with Office Communicator buddies in Word and Outlook.

14. Co-Authoring lets you edit Word documents at the same time as someone else. The Excel preview doc says that this requires the Excel Web App, so I’m not sure if this is in the installed version Excel or not – but it could be interesting if it is.

15. Built in translation.

I will post more here later, or you can attend K2’s Technology Conferences which we do with various state CPA societies and attend the Tech Update and Office 2010 Preview sessions…. interesting stuff.

MS Online Productivity Suite

What’s more interesting than Office 2010 in the near term is the MS Online Productivity Suite, which is free for partners (if you go through a 30 minute training and set up the e-mail hosting with them (This includes MPAN members)). It’s free for the first year (and $5/mo/account thereafter, if you don’t sell any licenses). If you sell two deals a year over 25 users, you get it for free (up to 250 users). Live Meeting IS INCLUDED. The Online Suite includes the following:

+ Hosted Exchange

+ Hosted SharePoint

+ Office Live Meeting

+ Office Communicator

You can learn more about the MS Online Productivity Suite at http://www.microsoft.com/online.

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