What's in a Name?

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"What's in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."   Seems that Shakespeare guy may be on to something.  Is a name really that important?  It's not just a bunch of letters thrown together..... it's important and powerful.  Everyone recognizes himself/herself by name.  Your name becomes your reputation...... it tell's your story. 

When you were little, your mom would call your name when she wanted you to come to her, help her do something....or worse - use your first and middle name when she was mad.  Your name was your identity.  As we get older, our names take on a different identity - unless you're still getting in trouble by mom. 

Our names become our identity, our calling card and almost like our brand in the working world.   We all know who Tiger Woods is - based on his name,  we all know about Jeremy Lin - and Linsanity - based on his name, and of course who doesn't know Snooki (had to throw the Jersey in there). 

When people hear your name, do they think hard worker, dependable, motivator.......or do they think slacker, freeloader etc?  Your name is your brand to the world.  People did business based on name and referral alone.  Think about it............What's in YOUR name?   

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