What Would Gilligan Do?

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Strange thoughts pop into my head more or less on a regular basis.  I found myself wondering what the original Star Trek series would have been like if Gilligan was the navigator on the starship Enterprise.  The Minnow got horribly lost on a 3 hour tour (the implausability of that is another story).  The Enterprise was on a 5 year mission.  Would Gilligan have led the Enterprise into a horrible space storm and got them horribly lost?

I ruminated on this and other things on my mind for a while, and then I found myself thinking "What Would Gilligan Do?"

Say you are having an accounting issue with a client.  It's getting tenuous and the entire relationship is danger.  What would Gilligan do?  He'd probably run to the Professor for help with the issue and the Skipper for advice.  He'd also probably have some of Mary Ann's coconut cream pie.  He might also cause some mayhem and havoc.  He'd probably ruin yet another rescue attempt. 

But seeking out support from your mentors is a good strategy.  And if you are exercising enough, have a piece of pie as well.

I think I'm onto something here.

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