What To Do About Sick Employees This Winter

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By Ryan Williams, TechBetter.com - Our office has already been hit by a bug. It took out 3 people in just a few days (more to follow I'm sure). This winter as your employees get sick, it would probably be a good idea to have a "work from home" solution in place. Rather than have your employees come to the office sick and spread the bug to everyone else, encourage them to stay at home and work from there. There are a myriad of solutions available to permit people to work remotely including: GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, TightVNC, Citrix, Terminal Server and others. Each solution has its strengths and weaknesses and choosing between them really depends on the situation.

If the person working from home has a dedicated computer residing at the office, then GoToMyPC, LogMeIn or TightVNC may work. The drawback here is security. In the typical setup for these applications, there is no centralized control of user accounts so the individual employee has complete control over access to your corporate network. If an employee leaves a password written on a piece of paper at a coffee shop, anyone can access your corporate data undetected.

For tighter control, security and oversight of user accounts and for situations where there is not a dedicated computer in the office for each person who is working from home, I suggest Citrix or Terminal Server. These two solutions require a dedicated server in your office and a knowledgeable technology consultant to set them up, however, you'll have more control over company information and access to your corporate network.

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