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What role does market intelligence play in your company?

Mar 13th 2010
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Over the past six months, I’ve noticed heightened interest in market intelligence.  To learn more, I interviewed marketing executives at several local companies to find out why–and summarized the results in The Secret to Success in a Down Economy: Market Intelligence.

In that article, I discussed how one mid-sized company was using market intelligence to maintain its competitive edge and then asked readers if they had made similar marketing investment decisions.   The article concluded with some questions to which I’d welcome your comments.   Those questions include:

Where does your company turn for market information and why? How do you use market information to gain competitive advantage?

How are you reacting to the tight economy? Have you cut back your marketing resources or increased them?

Are you spending more money on pinpointing your most promising prospects and understanding what induces them to buy? Or are you placing your bets on extending your reach–and/or reiterating your current messages?

If you choose to comment, please include the size of your company and the industries and geographies you target to help others interpret your responses.

Thanks in advance for any perspectives you can provide.


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