What Issuers Need To Know About SEC Credit Rating Agencies Proposal, FASB Securitization Proposals

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By Edith Orenstein, FEI Financial Reporting Blog - Issuers, not only credit rating agencies (CRAs), may have new, direct disclosure obligations under the Credit Rating Agency (CRA)-related rule proposals approved for release by the SEC earlier this week. These direct disclosure obligations would be in addition to providing information to CRAs and arrangers (underwriters) to meet their disclosure obligations.

Issuers (and others) will also be interested in the proposed effective dates agreed to at the June 11 FASB board meeting, for FASB’s upcoming amendments to FIN 46 R and FAS 140, impacting securitizations and off-balance sheet treatment for certain sales and transfers of assets. As we previously reported, among the amendments to be proposed include the removal of the Qualified Special Purpose Entity (QSPE) concept. Additional amendments are also being proposed.

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