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I promise that this is not a soccer world cup story.  It is much deeper than that!

On Friday night Ghana played Uruguay.  In the final minute of the game the score was 1-1, (yes I know you don’t understand how a sport can so exciting with so few goals scored), when a Uruguay player, Suarez stopped a shot from Ghana going in to the goal with his hands.  He was sent off and Ghana was awarded a penalty, which is a free shot at the goal.  The penalty was missed and then game ended 1-1.  In these situations the game is decided by both teams taking penalties until someone misses.  Ghana missed their penalty and when out of the competition.

So a player illegally stops a certain goal, and victory for the opposition, with an illegal action. 

In my view the player has won the game for his team by cheating and I posted this view on twitter.   I was shocked to find that no one agreed with me, even the panel on the BBC said, “they would defy anyone not to do the same.”

Am I so out of touch to believe that winning by cheating is unacceptable?  Imagine Tiger swopping his ball for a better lie, or an athlete taking drugs. 

Is it now true that we simple judge what is morally right simply on the basis that it is ok if we get away with? which is what everyone seems to be telling me.    

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