What frustrates YOU about the UK?

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For me – customer service. There. I’ve said it. Bad customer service. The inability to handle our complaints in a competent manner and fob us off with excuses only to then be passed to another member of staff, in another department, having to explain the whole situation again.  

OK – rant, over!
I was contemplating over the weekend my next blog topic, when I thought ‘why not ask the readers’.
So, I’m not pretending that I can take on UK customer service, or even fight against it. I shall leave that to UK retail guru Mary Portas for such things. However, I am curious to know whether any of you have tried doing business in the UK, what issues you have come up against.
Naturally, there is always a reason behind why you cannot do certain things. However, do you understand that reason? Has it answered your questions and concerns?
Have you tried to do business in the UK, only to find that you are required to have “money laundering” checks carried out on you?
Maybe you used to live here for a period of time, or know someone who has and were not made aware of the NHS (National Health System), whereby healthcare in the UK is paid for through the state taxes (which you pay through earning an income in the UK).
Or, trying to be employed in the UK; only to find that you have to prove whether “you have the right to work in the UK” which is associated with visas etc.
Tell me – I am looking for inspiration, what YOU want to read about from me, The UK Voice!
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