What every company should be doing to protect their network and data.

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By Ryan Williams, TechBetter.com - Backup files regularly.
This should be automated to happen every day, not once per week or less. I have seen companies go out of business because they lost their accounting data and didn't even know who owed them money.

Test restoring from backup.
It is important to occasionally test your backups to make sure they are working properly. I have seen companies have backups that complete successfully every day, however, when a restore was attempted, the business realized they had been backing up the wrong folder.

Keep a copy of your backups offsite.
This step is too easy and too important to ignore. Natural disasters, fire, theft, and malicious employees are just a few examples of times when an offsite backup may come in handy. With automated offsite backup solutions, this process does not even require effort.

Keep your anti-virus software turned on and the virus definition updates current.
This goes for every computer on your network.

Have a professional install and setup your firewall.
Just having a firewall on your network does not solve anything. It must be configured properly.

Install a web content filter on your network.
This will help guard against employees browsing the internet and accidentally clicking on internet links they should not and being tricked into installing spyware and viruses. It happens all the time, and no virus or spyware protection is 100% fail proof.

If you have wireless in your building, make sure it is secured with the latest encryption.
Most people would be surprised at how many wireless access points within businesses are completely unsecured and open to the public. Make sure your wireless is secure.

Keep all your software current with updates and security patches.
This includes Microsoft Windows, Office and other Microsoft products as well as your specialized business software solutions. In general, it is a bad idea to fall behind on the major updates to your software. Pay maintenance on your software and keep it current.

I hope you find this tech tip helpful.

Happy teching,

Ryan Williams

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